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For the entire 13 years of our existence, REST was able to finance all of its work through donations – large and small.  We have always been able to keep our maintenance costs low by using recycled items and by practicing high levels of conservation for electricity, water and waste.  

Most importantly, there are so many people out there who give their time and Love to REST.  I wanted to start listing them, but realize that it would take pages.  They perform functions as diverse as taking blood & data at captures to introducing us to other institutions that we can partner with.  Without these people REST would not be where it is today.

This has allowed funds to be used for the direct care of animals and our work in research, conservation and education.  Due to the need to relocated our centre and build from scratch, funds are very low at the moment and no donation is too small.  Please consider a donation to our tree of life recently painted by volunteer Christina.
Consider how you would like to keep our tree alive by sponsoring the gift of life. To our many friends over the years who we may have lost contact with, please reach out to us again so that we can stay in touch.

Up to N$1,000.00 - Become a White faced owl donor

Our mascot is Blackie - a little white faced owl who came in as a fledgling and could not yet fly or feed himself.  Luckily, he was successfully released back into the wild. REST has always appreciated even the smallest of donations.  For us it means that you recognize our work is worthy and have given what you can.  As a White faced owl donor you will be recognized on our website for your sincere gift.

Up to N$10,000 - Become a Bateleur donor

A Bateleur eagle is one of the most beautiful in the world.  Olli is our non releasable bateleur who was accidentally caught in a steel trap set out for large carnivores. Becoming a Bateleur donor supports a bird like Olli for almost a year with food, food storage and medical checks.  He is very grateful to represent this kindness and REST recognizes these donors on our website and by sending a photo of Olli to the supporter.

Up to N$50,000 - Become a Cape Pangolin donor

In late 2012, REST received another wild Cape pangolin that had been offered on the black market.  As we prepared her for release, she gave birth and was the first captive Cape pangolin in history to be relaxed enough to raise her own baby completely.  Two months later, she unexpectantely left.  We believe that she came into heat and her desire to be back in the wild overcame continued maternal instincts. Her baby however was totally unprepared for life in the wild at that point.  Thus we became his parents and he has thrived as only the 3rd baby Cape pangolin in the world to be successfully raised by humans. As a Cape Pangolin donor, you will receive recognition on our website and a framed photo of our pangolin.

Up to N$100,000 - Become a Lappet faced vulture donor

The lappet faced vulture represents a very special donor who is able to contribute considerably to our cause.  REST had a Lappet faced vulture named Carl Sabre who was very special to us.  He has since past away but his 1st medical costs were sponsored by my Aunt Hilde who visited Africa for the first time when he came in with a broken wing due to a power line collision.  He is named after my father who was a fighter jet pilot named Carl who flew Sabre jets and just about anything else that would fly. These contributors receive recognition on our website, a picture of Carl Sabre and a special gift from REST.

Telemetry for Cape Griffons was also followed. Each sponsored named their bird:

Up to N$500,000 - Become a Cape Griffon vulture donor

The Cape Griffon is Namibia’s most endangered species and a gift of this value is so appreciated.  We have a few non releasable Cape Griffon at REST and a contributor at this level will receive a picture of Nelson who unfortunately passed away last year to an as yet unknown disease (we are still doing lab work with experts around the world)  Nelson was such a special bird and had a character that attracted everyone.  Nelson was our ambassador for 9 years and its amazing how many people came just to see a few “ugly” birds as a once off experience, and ended up staying in touch with REST for years and always asking about Nelson.  He was a one in a million!  To recognize such a level of giving, these contributors receive recognition on our website, and a framed picture of Nelson signed by the founder and a very rare coin with a Cape Griffon on it, that was only produced for one year.

Over N$500,000 - Become a REST patron

This is the highest level of giving that REST has.   A gift of this level allows REST to plan a major project or continue many little ones without fear of lack of funding. REST invites these donors to a night in our guest house and special guided tour.  In addition, they receive a very special gift of 2 limited edition South African coins with the Cape Griffon embossed on them in a lovely wooden box from the South African mint.  A patron is recognized on the website, kept up to date with short briefings once a year and is given a special original piece of artwork done of one of our captive birds by various visiting world class artists including Christina Nick.

Would you like to make a donation? 

Any amount helps us tremendously!

There are 7 ways to donate:

1- Transfer directly to our account
Rare & Endangered Species Trust
Account number: 62258555790
Branch code: 280-673
Bank name: First National Bank
Bank address: Otjiwarongo, Namibia

2- Transfer in Namibia through the Namibia Nature Foundation
Acct name: NNF/REST/Maria Diekmann
Account number: 11000050263
Bank: Nedbank Namibia
Branch: Main, Independence Ave.
Branch Code: 461609

3- Transfer in the USA directly to the REST account
We are currently updating the USA banking information

4- Make a tax deductible donation through the WILD Foundation.

5- Make a donation through PayPal via FoREST (Friends of REST)

6- Visit us at REST headquarters and enjoy seeing our work in person!

7- Transfer to our UK bank account
Friends Of Rare and Endangered Species Trust (FoREST)
Lloyds Bank PLC
Sort Code: 30-90-09
Account number: 39342668