Baby Pangolin being reared at RESTBaby PangolinPlease sponsor this Pangolin

This little creature is very elusive and rarely seen. Trade in pangolin scales continues to be a huge problem in many Asian countries.  Ships have been found recently with up to 10,000 tons of scales from different species in Africa and additional tons of whole carcasses.

REST had our second live pangolin in ten years, come in recently. Luckily, she had no major injuries and after a few hours of medical check and observation, we were able to find out where she had been found and release her back into the wild.

These animals do not generally do very well in captivity. Because they are very shy, a captive situation brings on high stress levels even if the holding facility is large and natural. We would love to fit our next pangolin with a small radio transmitter that is screwed onto a back scale and is proven to be non intrusive to the animal. Then we could track her daily to find out home ranges, foraging needs and much more.

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