African Wild/Painted DogAfrican Wild/Painted Dog

Namibia still has populations of Wild dog mostly in our eastern and northern regions. This animal is considered the second most endangered carnivore in the world and should be highly protected. Unfortunately, when these dogs move down into farmlands, there is often conflict due to the effectiveness of the dogs killing prey, which can include small stock such as goats and sheep and the calves or even grown cattle. We believe some dogs need to be fitted with satellite telemetry like we did with our Cape Griffons as then we can get daily movements without even seeing or disturbing the animals.  Community solutions like public photography of dens during breeding from a distance can earn money for the communities to offset losses during the year and help pay for better fencing for livestock at night. This has been done in other countries and appears to cause no disturbance to the animals if done within the correct parameters which we would be sure to uphold.

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