Damara Dik DikDamara Dik Dik

This in Namibia‚Äôs smallest antelope.  REST is very lucky in that the mountain where our new centre has been built, has a high density of these cute creatures.  What is quite interesting is that in our area they are very trusting of mankind.  Perhaps because our mountain was always isolated.  Our Dik Dik allow us to approach very closely and even come to eat grasses around the houses. On the plains below they are very scarce.  This rarity is why trophy hunters will pay a very high price for one.  It is believed that a pair mates for life so if one is killed, then the breeding population looses both parents even though only one has died.  Many of these theories need to be researched.  REST would like to collar a few of our animals so that we can start to answer some of these important questions.

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