Conservation & Education: Future Plans

New Facilities

While the new centre is off to a fantastic start, we still have a lot of work to develop.  We cannot wait to continue designing interactive activities for visitors.  For example, metal bent bars that will guide the visitor’s arms like the wings of a bird as you walk through the middle.  Also some non electrical viewing platforms that let you lay in a prown position and feel as if you have not only taken flight but also can see what a vulture sees from various heights that our satellite collars have recorded birds flying at.

We also need to upgrade our solar systems as we get funds.  Currently we have 5 basic energy saving light bulbs in each house and 1 plug that can only charge cell phones.  We need to be able to eventually run a laptop for our data collection and research.
Our little lab was very under stocked until the veterinary department at the Kansas City Zoo in the USA sent us much needed bandages, pads and gloves.

Eventually we will need to build another house for staff.  We continue to rely solely on our only paid staff – Margareth Mosholo and hope to be hiring Jerome soon to bond with the baby pangolin and be able to share walking him with Maria. 

Then there are more basic things like still building some cement stairs down the steep incline to the hide and replacing shade netting at the aviary.  The work is never done thank goodness!!!

Broader Programs 

A funding appeal is being launched to enable REST to bring children from the more remote and disadvantaged areas of the country to visit us.  It is important that our message reaches as many young people as possible. Please help us if you can.

Overseas Education

Through sister-school and education exchange programs overseas students may also come to visit REST and share learning.

 We have many undergraduate and high degree subjects (often with existing data) that need immediate research.

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